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What is your Affiliate scheme ?

Our affiliate program is a method of revenue sharing where websites can earn money through a link on their web site to ours. It costs you nothing to join our scheme and every time you refer a paying customer to us you will take a share of the profits we make. The more traffic and customers that your link provides us with the more commission you will earn from your web site.

How much will your affiliate scheme pay me?

Commissions are paid for each new policy incepted from a quotation emanating from your site. We have a number of products that we offer to our affiliate partners that they can earn money on :

• Car Insurance
• Home Insurance
• Travel Insurance
• Motor Bike Insurance
• Van Insurance
• Commercial Insurance
• Pet Insurance
• Breakdown Cover
• Vehicle Warranties
• Car Security

For full details on the commission we offer for these products click here to request further details online. If you prefer you can call us to discuss our affiliate opportunities on 0161 874 8008.

How and when will I be paid ?

Payments are made within 30 days of the end of the month in which the policy is incepted e.g. if a new policy is taken out on the 26th April you will be paid by the end of May, in reality you will probably receive your payment by 15th May.

We pay by cheque in pounds sterling or, for international affiliates, by International bank transfer.

How do I know you will pay me for the referred business?

When you become an affiliate we send you an agreement that guarantees you will be paid commission for all business written from your referrals. As an affiliate you will receive a unique tracking number which is incorporated in your link to our site.

This ensures that all business we write from your web site can be identified and tracked so you will receive your commission, the more we pay the happier we are because we are all sharing in the success.

What is the affiliate agreement?

It is simply an agreement from us to you stating that you will have a link from your site to ours, and that we will pay you the agreed commission. The agreement does not lock you into anything and you may cease the agreement at any time.

If you decide to stop promoting us, you simply remove the link from your site.

Will my web site be suitable?

Almost all web sites are suitable to join our scheme. Even the smallest sites that generate relatively few users have the ability to grow and generate lots of commission for themselves, even sites with unrelated content - almost everybody buys insurance!

However some sites are not acceptable :

• Sites that discriminate or promote discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or physical disability.

• Sites that show or promote pornography, violence, hatred or illegality.

• Sites that infringe copyright or intellectual property rights.

How do I link to your site?

By means of a unique tracking url that we will provide. The link will launch our site with your referrer code.

If you have a site that has related content and you want to run the quote systems within a frame to appear as part of your site, we can accomodate is.

At the moment we cannot provide you with a personally branded version of our quote forms as a matter of course, but we are prepared to discuss this on an individual basis.

Sounds great how do I sign up?

If you want to start earning extra revenue from your web site by becoming an affiliate click here to apply online.

If you prefer you can call us to discuss our affiliate opportunities on 0161 874 8008.

We will set up your affiliate account and email you the text link and your unique referrer code so we can track all the business that comes from your site to ours. You can then start earning commission straight away!

We can also send you text and images to help promote the link and maximise your commission earning potential.

What if I have problems setting up the link to your site?

Don't worry, linking to our quote system is simplicity itself, but if you do have any queries, free technical support is available to help you set up the links or answer your queries.